-Santa Catarina

-Rio Grande do Sul


The southern region of Brazil comprises the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Parana andSanta Catarina. It has great cultural diversity, the major cultural influences are European immigrants. The largest area of these settlers were Germans, Italians, Spaniards, Poles, Ukrainians, Dutch and Portuguese, who contributed greatly to the cultural wealth of the States.

Typical Food:
Most residents are from this region has the habit of drinking chimarrão and barbecue, Barreado, both dishes made of beef, on weekends. There are dishes more specific statescan be highlighted in cooking rice carter,chimarrão and barbecue (typical of Rio Grande doSul). In Santa Catarina stand out dishes based on shrimp, duck with red cabbage and bijajica. In Paraná, the most typical dishes are rice with pine nuts, clayed and the ram in the hole.

                                 mate(typical drink) and other foods

Folk Dance:
The dances from this region are mostly of Portuguese origin, such as Tirana and Anu.Generally practiced in clubs or groups of traditionalists, called DTGs or TGCs.


                                       pau-de-fita (typical folk dance)

Regional Events:
On 2 February, is celebrated the feast of Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, of Portuguese origin, the river Guaíba, where hundreds of boats and thousands of faithful devoteesparticipate in the fluvial procession.

                                     Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes

There are as typical party celebrating the tradition of cultutivo, as the Grape Festival,Festival of Roses, Wine Festival, among many others, that occur in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

                                                  Festa da uva

Another cultural event in the region is the Oktoberfest, trad
itional beer festival.


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This blog aims to show the Brazilian reality, our culture, their sports, customs, seen by Brazilians eyes.
It was developed by three Brazilian living in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which has some of these aspects in their day to day.

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